Animation and website designs for a Medical PR company.


Link Health needed a fresh new digital look that would also be consistent with its sister companies, Link Medical, Link Learn and Link Compliance. The branding for each has its own colour palette, and this was used as an accent colour on top of the deep blue base colour. I was involved in some art direction for the animation and team photography, and I applied my digital knowledge to design the four websites needed to showcase the company, each needed to work on a similar template but stand out as a different company. The site is a single page structure using subtle animations and background movie loops to bring the site to life.

Link Health & Medical

The animation was incorporated into the Link Health web design, playing instantly once it is loaded. The other sites follow a similar look and feel. I used duotone photography to add a distinctive style and professionalism, as well as designing icons for each of the sectors to add a modern touch. The sites are friendly, modern and professional and the different companies can be located in the full screen takeover navigation. By clicking the items at the bottom the user is directed to the other Medical sites.

Link Learn & Compliance

Link Learn and Compliance followed a similar template structure which uses the duotone photography throughout which was carefully chosen to represent each aspect of the company. The base blue uses the accent colour within the logo to highlight important information throughout the site. The single page scrolling site is clean, simple to navigate and professional.

The art direction of the team photos was important to reinforce the style of the design. To ensure consistency the site design was then applied to the other sectors - Link Compliance and Link Learn.