Oddly Beer

Branding for a small batch brewery company that needed to be interesting and unusual.


Oddly is a small batch brewery producing quality beers with interesting names such as Vipa, or Rhia. A proposal was put forward to re-position the brand into an area which was more in keeping with its name. An area that is high in competition, the branding needed to stand out and be curious and unusual. A great project to work on, I created a series of ideas that re-inforced the Oddly name.

The Oddly Octopus

I wanted to create an iconic image that would be interesting and entice curiosity. The creature had to be curious in itself and instantly I thought of a squid or an octopus. I wanted to change something about the creature to make it appear interesting. At first I drew a squid, but it seemed a little too creepy. As I started to draw another design, more like an octopus, I noticed that I had only given it 6 legs, and by changing this key fact about the creature made it itself odd. The symmetrical device creates a striking graphic for the brand, with the legs entwined around the typography.

The Grasshopper

Thinking about curious folk tales and stories, one that particularly came to mind was Alice in Wonderland. In Carroll’s nonsense, animals and things behave almost like people, and talk almost like them too, among many other oddities. When grasshoppers appear in dreams, these have been interpreted as symbols of freedom, independence and spiritual enlightenment. I wanted to create a scenario using the 'O' of Oddly and incorporate it into an illustration. A penny farthing is in itself a unique mode of transport, those that ride it quite eccentric, the shape works well with the O and when it is ridden by a grasshopper conjures up images of nonsense, magic and mystery - similar to Carroll's work.

The oddly legs visual came to me after drinking a lot of beer, sometimes it works to heavily research the product.

Oddly Legs

An unusual idea that came to me when I was trying to conjure up creatures in the shape of an O. I wanted to add a human quality though but also make it playful and silly. I started by just adding arms and legs to O shapes and came up with this graphic. It uses more of a serif typeface and is more classic, it also has connotations of Humpty Dumpty who also appears in Lewis Carrolls through the looking glass.

The Oddly Creature

Produced from a series of drawings when I was making odd little creatures using the O. It is a curious image, and when applied to beer mats, and by adding some additional legs, it looks like it has been squashed onto the surface.