Infographic posters for Eurotunnel illustrating
how the tunnel was built and how it works today.


I had to illustrate 2 different illustrations but only using Eurotunnel's brand colours, and the circular device of the logo showing the tunnel being built, and how it works today in terms of the tunnel structure. The Illusrations had to be different in content but work together when positioned side by side. I meticulously studied the history of the build, and the mechanics of the tunnel in order to create an accurate representation but with a style that was unique and interesting. I added little details to create more of a story around the image, similar to a history picture book, that would also appeal to children.

How the tunnel works

How the tunnel was built

Eurotunnel colours & brand

The circular device was the starting point to build the illustration around it. The Boring machine that was used to carve the tunnel creates a striking presence in the image and I used more of a freehand style for the spiral that surrounds it to suggest the idea that it is in motion, and the tunnel is being created. The other is used to show a cross section of the earth in order to see how the tunnel works within the ground through a fish eye style lens.

There are intricate scenes or details within the illustration that create a quirky and modern aesthetic.

Once the illustrations were complete, the typography was added to the outer circular device with interesting Eurotunnel facts.