A bright colour palette and fresh new website for a bespoke lighting company.


A highly technical lighting solutions company needed a fresh new look that was modern and vibrant. A bright and varied colour palette was created especially for Rako using airbrushed splashes of colour on the Rako blue. This was applied as a filter for imagery and across the website which utilises subtle motion and parallax, including bespoke multi coloured text, transitions and a full screen search facility. I designed icons for each of their products which creates a modern feel throughout the site.

Control Panels & Cover Plates

Plate Designer

Control Modules & Racks

Planning System

Once the colour range was created, different colour spectrums were applied to the cover and inner pages.

The Rako site

Typeface treatment with the colour range

The responsive site uses gradients throughout, applied to text, imagery filters or as a vibrant rollover effect. When viewed on mobile, the vibrancy of the site shines through with very little change from the desktop site.

Custom Designed Product Icons