The Old Neptune

Management and production of an illustrated Eco cup including a menu redesign, art direction, product photography, posters and social media campaign.


Dating from the early 19th century ‘The Old Neptune’ Whitstable, or ‘The Neppy’ as it’s affectionately known is one of only a handful of pubs to be found on the beaches of Britain and uses single-use plastic cups for drinking outside.

With an increasing disdain for single use plastics, I wanted to offer an alternative solution to reduce the impact of plastic waste.

The solution was to produce illustrated reusable plastic cups that use a deposit system instead. Patrons pay £1 with their first drink to receive their own Neptune cup, they get their deposit back when the cup is returned to the bar. The cups are screenprinted with a fine illustration and can be kept as a souvenir or returned. Either way, the drinking experience is much improved, as is the impact on the environment.

Setting the scene

Once the illustration had been mapped out, the next step was to work it onto the cup itself. This process takes a little time to get the balance and composition right, but overall it was a great result.

Oxford Blue, which features on the windows of the pub, was chosen as the colour for the screenprint and for the base colour for the menu design.

The menu utilised pink and green hues within the illustration, and the inside was kept clean with line work breaking up the copy.

Art direction and photography

The cups take approximately 3 weeks to manufacture. The next step was to direct the shoot for the product photography incorporating the pub in the background on a sunny and not too windy day, which in this country is difficult. The shots were taken at sunrise and sunset to benefit from the best lighting and reflections.

I can work with you to make the transition from single-use plastic to reusables for your establishment whether it be for a festival, pub or live music venue. There are methods to make it work and in the long run it will reduce the impact of your plastic waste, and over time the public will embrace the change.

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