London Stories poster design

Entry for the The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with London Transport Museum


With ‘London Stories’ as the theme, whether fact or fiction, I created a quirky illustration based on the Thames Monster stories that have circulated around London since the beginning of this century.

It is quite unknown to most Londoners that their sleepy river actually has a history of serpentine creature reports. The earliest established sighting of this creature was in 1923 by the famous captain Haselfoot and crew whilst aboard HMS Kellet, in a part of the Thames Estuary called Black Deep. The creature they saw was said to have a long neck.

Using a vibrant colour palette and an established landmark of exceptional engineering, Tower Bridge was the obvious choice as a gateway for the Thames Nessie.

Whether fact or fiction, the illustration style is of pure fantasy, with some elements of Tower Bridge and its surroundings in keeping with how it is today but with a fairytale edge.