Film and website campaign promoting the new Ghibli car.


Maserati needed a digital campaign that was unique and communicated the sophistication of the brand. A film was produced, including a bespoke soundtrack along with email campaigns and a website. The black and white film communciates an ordinary day of 3 professional lives contrasting work and play – An entrepreneur, a doctor and an architect/designer showing them in their morning, work and evening routines. Whilst their day is ordinary, the characters have individuality, style and passion, in keeping with the drivers of the Maserati. They strive to be centre stage in their lives, and after a hard day, let loose in their Maserati. The campaign message 'Lets Play' was pivotal in communicating this message.

'All the world's a stage & all the men and women merely players'

William Shakespeare

The Film

We are all writers in our own life story so why not take centre stage in a Maserati, this is where the theatrical notion came about and this would support the Shakespearian quote in the film. The actors in the film are seen to lead busy, successful lifes and after their day, let loose in their Maserati. This is a cinematic snapshot of their professional working day.

The first part of the film has a theatrical black and white feel. The actors are rarely seen to show their face to highlight their anonymity. The black and white footage contrasts well with the high paced car footage in the second part. Working with production company Other Finger films on the first part, the succession of short clips have a romantic, dreamlike quality, beautifully shot.

The Voiceover

David Warner, a highly respected TV, theatre & film actor was chosen to voice the poem.

This was written by myself, and I wanted to add a poetic, dramatic and theatrical feel to the narration using words that highlight success and drama. David Warner was the perfect choice.

The morning stirs with sights and sounds,
Finding our rhythm in the morning routine.
Every second writes the script of our day.

The world's stage is full of players.
We have our exits and our entrances,
however delayed.

Yet we do not watch from behind the curtain,
We seek the spotlight and shout our own story.

Everyday we perform, challenge and revolutionise,
In the roar and thrust of life.

It takes conviction and hard work to be the best.
That's our story, the gift of success.

But, sometimes we need to stop,
throw caution to the wind and drive our own way.

So when our day of challenges comes to an end.
we look forward to the power of playtime

The musical score

The production of the music had to unique, produced only for this film. It communicates a different mood for the first and second part, building in drama. Working with sound designer Tom Whitaker and Sebastian Memmot, an epic and modern soundtrack was created unique to Maserati.

Using the theme of playtime, an email and website was designed as a digital platform to showcase the film and the new Ghibli model.